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If you want to capitalize your efforts in one of the markets with highest growth rate and opportunity, Kiosk Partner4Business program is the right one for you. It is planned for those companies who are willing to supply systems and/or solutions that are market's leaders.
There are different kind of partnership, depending on who you are: value added reseller (VAR) that sells hardware, technical advice and turnkey solutions, or software development companies or hardware supplier. Kiosk Partner4Business program is focused on supplying solutions, tools and prizes for those who show to be able to supply with success and continuity Kiosk's technology.

Kiosk's partners have a strategic role in giving value to their clients. That's why strategic, long term partnership are fundamental in our approach to the market.


VAR Program
VAR Program is for value added reseller or companies that wants to affiliate with Kiosk to take advantage of the market's potentialities. It requires a trained staff, a technical-commercial department, a business plan and an annual reward prizes' plan.

Software Program

Leader companies that performs on the market of communication, that wants to complete their offer with dedicated hardware systems.

Referral Program

It is an initiative that rewards all those that supplies qualified opportunities to Kiosks, that are not yet able to transform prospects into clients. It is open to every kind of business and it is perfect for those who want to grow up quickly.

Kiosk gives its partners skills, know how, tools for marketing and support.
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