Digital signage solutions for airports

Self-service check-in kiosks

Multimedia built-in systems for an easy and quick check-in

Multimedia robust and reliable kiosks to check your flight and print your boarding pass.

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Kiosk Self
Kiosk Fids Kiosk FIDS is the new system of real time visualization for information regarding arriving and departing flights.

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fids for airport from Kiosk Italy
Kiosk Wayfinder

The smart wayfinder

It is a solution that revolutionizes the traditional system of static signs directory and that offers a new, digital, interactive and updated way to search for precise infos about the location of offices or stores, drawing on the screen the best path to reach your destination.

To learn more, visit the page of our orientation&adv software, Wayfinder.
Kiosk Wayfinder
Kiosk Internet Points

Public and safe internet accesses

Free or paying internet access endowed with protection of the operating system, content filtering and management of payments (for cybercafés).

To learn more about the software, visit Site Kiosk.
To see the available hardware, take a look at our multimedia kiosks.

Kiosk Internet Points
Info point

Multimedia access points

Informative kiosks to give useful information or to accede to central and local Public Authority services, thanks to telecommunication. These systems can be often found as internet public access terminals for libraries, for municipalities, for airports, meeting and waiting rooms. Their operating system is always protected and the navigation is filtered. These systems can be endowed also with magnetic card readers for identification.

To learn more, discover kiosk products page.

Info point
Kiosk Targa

Multi-channel digital interactive display

It is a system made to edit and publish infos, adv, or to communicate to users/clients, easily managed by a specific software on a network of LCD big screens or totems with touch screens.

To learn more, visit the page of Kiosk Targa, our innovative doorsisgn application.

Kiosk Targa
Digital signage network

Always updated content publishing on LCD displays

Big wall or floor displays, with or without touch screen, that are able to offer, at the same time, visualization and interactivity for what is published on the screens: weather forecasts, news and bureaucratic reminders, emergency signs (fire, out of order, etc). These systems can be digital totems, big LCD or plasma screens, videowalls.

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Digital signage network

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