Digital Signage Solutions for Hotels

Kiosk Targa

Multi-channel digital interactive display

Meeting schedule, calendars, event programs: everything will be easily managed thanks to a back end software to update and publish quickly contents on all the displays.

To learn more, visit Kiosk Targa page.

Kiosk Targa
Kiosk Hall

Interactive self-service porter's desk system

Kiosks with touch screens and videocall functions, to let visitors to get in touch with the hosting company, to announce their arrival, to ask for directions or guest's availability.

To learn more, discover Kiosk Hall features.

Kiosk Hall
Self-service points

Check-in, reservations, requests

Multimedia robust and reliable kiosks, with multi-language interfaces and able to manage check-in and check-out procedures, to book dinners, to choose or change room, to recognize a guest from his/her magnetic card and to print. It is a self-service point to gather all of the request or complaints that a customer can make in every moment, even if there is noone/queue at the reception desk.

To learn more, read Kiosk Self.

Self-service points
Kiosk Fids
Kiosk FIDS is the new system of real time visualization for information regarding arriving and departing flights.

Learn more about Kiosk FIDS.

>Kiosk Fids
Kiosk Nice2MeetU

The new welcome system

It is a new system to inform and entertain visitors and suppliers. Thanks to the latest hardware and software (CMS content management), Kiosk Nice2MeetU offers you a new way to welcome and entertain visitors and clients.

To learn more about the system, see our multimedia kiosks page, and Kiosk Nice2MeetU.

Kiosk Quick Survey

Customer Satisfaction Measurement Tool

It is a system made up of our interactive kiosk with touch screens and our software to create questions. These questions are focused to measure the customer satisfaction and the perceived quality. This solution, while respecting privacy, gathers opinions to check the level of satisfaction.

To learn more, read Quick Survey.

Kiosk Quick Survey
Courtesy Display

Communicate better and keep your desk away from untidiness

Small LCD or LED desk displays for an always visible and clear communication to your customers. No more sheets of paper and dutch tape.

To learn more, read about courtesy display in our product page.

Courtesy Display
Internet Points

Public and safe internet accesses

Free or paying internet access endowed with protection of the operating system, content filtering and management of payments (for cybercafés).

To learn more about the software, visit Site Kiosk.
To see the available hardware, take a look at our multimedia kiosks.

internet points
Kiosk Wayfinder

The smart wayfinder

It is a solution that revolutionizes the traditional system of static signs directory and that offers a new, digital, interactive and updated way to search for precise infos about the location of offices or stores, drawing on the screen the best path to reach your destination.

To learn more, visit the page of our orientation & adv software, Wayfinder.
Kiosk Wayfinder
Informative Totems

Digital and dynamic directories

Interactive kiosks to give useful information or to accede to central and local Public Authority services, thanks to telecommunication. These systems can be often found as internet public access terminals for libraries, hotels, municipalities, meeting rooms, waiting rooms. Their operating system is always protected and the navigation is filtered. These systems can be endowed also with magnetic card readers for identification.

To learn more, visit our multimedia kiosks page.
totem informativi
Digital signage

Public display

Public displays always ready to give infos to customers in an friendly way: moreover they are easy to be managed by an operator. They can be used to display messages for customers, to give them directions towards meeting rooms or infos about the menu of the day. You will no longer have to stick sheets of papers on the walls as you have elegant displays with easily updatable contents. We will provide supplying, installation and maintenance.

To learn more, see professional public displays page.

digital signage network
Digital signage network with Welcome System

The new advanced features

An elegant floor or wall totem that is able to welcome guests or to present the services offered (ie. Cocktails, pool parties, breakfast, dish of the day, etc). We offer systems with LCD display, with or without touchscreen, that let the operator upadte, in an easy and quick way, all the contents, saving time and money if compared to traditional directories.

To learn more, visit Kiosk Kiosk Nice2MeetU: the complete software for your welcome system.

welcome system

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