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<Kiosk Hydra

The most powerful queue managing tool available on the market

An innovative solution able to organize and address the requests of the citizens towards the right counters. It both manages queues and helps to increase the quality of services.

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Kiosk Wayfinder

The smart wayfinder

It is a solution that revolutionizes the traditional system of static signs directory and that offers a new, digital, interactive and updated way to search for precise infos about the location of offices or stores, drawing on the screen the best path to reach your destination.

To learn more, discover Kiosk Wayfinder - digital signage software
Kiosk Wayfinder
Kiosk Quick Survey

Customer Satisfaction Measurement Tool

It is a system made up of interactive kiosks with touch screens and a software to create questions. These questions are focused to measure the customer satisfaction and the perceived quality. These small kiosks, while respecting privacy, gather opinions to check the level of satisfaction.

To learn more, visit Kiosk Quick Survey.

Kiosk Quick Survey
Digital Info point

Multimedia access points

Informative kiosks to give useful information or to accede to central and local Public Authority services, thanks to telecommunication. These systems can be often found as internet public access terminals for libraries, for municipalities, for airports, meeting and waiting rooms. Their operating system is always protected and the navigation is filtered. These systems can be endowed also with magnetic card readers for identification.

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Info point
Self-Service Kiosks

Public service points

Self-service kiosks to print forms, to pay charges or reduced charges. They are endowed with videophone to request assistance to an operator. These kiosks are actually real service points and they are fully built-in with protective and anti-tamper software. They are used as safe places to fill in and print forms.

To learn more, visit Kiosk Self page.

Self-Service Kiosks
Kiosk Targa

Multi-channel digital interactive display

It is a system made to edit and publish commercial info or adv, easily managed by a specific software on a network of LCD big displays or totems with touch screens.

To learn more, visit the page of Kiosk Targa, our innovative doorsisgn application.

Kiosk Targa
Digital signage network

Always updated content publishing on displays and totem

Big wall or floor displays, with or without touch screen, that are able to offer, at the same time, visualization and interactivity for what is published on the screens: weather forecasts, news and bureaucratic reminders, emergency signs (fire, out of order, etc). Take a look at our services for digital signage networks: project, supply, installation and maintenance services.

Digital signage network
Public display

Dynamic marketing

Discover our range of LCD and LED screen to show your promotions, highlight a product or broadcast commercial info in full HD mode. Kiosk offers you specific software and hardware to create your digital posters and to manage your program schedules.

To learn more, read about our large format displays in our product page.

Public display
Interactive Window It is a complete hardware + software solution to transform your windows into interactive walls to look up into commercials whenever you like.

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Interactive Window
Kiosk Personal Sommelier Is you personal and skilled sommelier, ready to answer all of your questions about the bottle of wine you're holding in your hands.

To learn more, visit Kiosk Personal Sommelier.

Personal Sommelier
Intranet doorways and WCM solutions (Web Content Management)
Documents management and sharing.
Tools to easily publish contents (texts, graphs, interactive and multimedia contents). To learn more, read Distinctive Skills.

To know about our working method, read Software Development.
Kiosk Store Shelf
Kiosk helps your brand to communicate to its target audience right when the relationship between product and customers is becoming more concrete: when they are buying.  Thanks to shelf-dimensioned displays, that substitute paper signs,  your company will be able to give more value to the shopping experience giving useful or additional information and communications related to promotions.

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touch display  store shelf kiosk

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