Kiosk & Caravaggio

July 2012
Kiosk's digital and multimedia solutions are working for our artistic heritage to highlight and explain in detail to the public "The 7 deeds of Mercy" by Caravaggio at Pio Monte della Misericordia in Naples.

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Kiosk Ipad Stand at Jaguar Visitor Centre

June 2012
Great design and safety, highly versatile. These are the key factors that build Kiosk Ipad Stand.

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Kiosk Targa and Catania University

May 2012
The innovative door signage system for a more effective organization of lessons and classrooms.

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Kiosk Targa and Best Western Premier Villa Fabiano Palace Hotel

March 2012
Our multimedia and interactive way to give three functions in one system: room management, door signage and wayfinding. Discover Kiosk Targa.

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Kiosk for La Spezia Container company's communication.

December 2011
Kiosk totems were chosen to improve the communication with the employees of La Spezia maritime terminal (ContShip Italia Group). Technology and interactivity to be closer to the staff.

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Recording the number of visitors: people counting system at the Salone Nazionale del Biscotto and at FloreALE.

October 2011 - April 2011
Two great events for Alessandria, FloreALE (flower expo) and the Salone Nazionale del Biscotto (National Cookie Expo), both held in valuable, historical buildings. An important chance to test the success of the events and to get useful data for the following ones, through the people counting system installed by Kiosk.

Secured videocalls on totem for ISNART.

June 2011
ISNART,the national institute for researches on tourism based in Rome, rents Kiosk totems to give the chance to tourists to get in touch, through a videocall system, with the booking center of a hotel. The service can operate safely thanks to the advanced protection system installed by Kiosk.

A more efficient customer service for Veritas with Kiosk Hydra

May 2011
Kiosk interactivity gets to Veritas, the first multi-utility company in Veneto (a region in the north-east of Italy) that joins water supply and environmental services. The innovative queue management system was chosen and applied to 15 municipalities. A great step towards the future and towards a higher level of customer care quality.
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Discovering Volta's Temple in Como with Kiosk multimedia totems
April 2011
Alessandro Volta's studies and researches are kept in this beautiful building dedicated to him. The path through his inventions and his contribution to science, is enriched by three multimedia totems that make the visit of the museum more complete and interactive.

15 Kiosk Basic to describe Fiat's cars

March 14th, 2011
Kiosk multimedia totems are at Geneva International Motor Show to support Fiat communication. The elegance and the design of the Italian company are accompanied by our signature.

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Sheraton Malpensa Hotel

January 21st, 2011
Sheraton Malpensa Hotel opening. Kiosk supplies the technology to visualize SEA flight information and the digital signage internal network management system.

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  hotel sheraton malpensa
Prisma Impianti chooses Kiosk welcome system

July 28th, 2010
For the corporate identity renewal project, Prisma Impianti chooses Kiosk to carry out an innovative solution of reception desk and welcome.

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  Prisma impianti
2nd "Mettiamoci la faccia" Convention (ie. "Let's get committed and put our face!")

June 22nd, 2010
The customer satisfaction platform for the second "Mettiamoci la Faccia" (Rome, Tempio di Adriano) is presented.

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  convention mettiamoci la faccia
Blend Tower

June 8th, 2010
The modern Blend Tower Business Center, innovative for its formula and its design, opened in the heart of Milan and it chose Kiosk as supplier for internal digital signage solutions.

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  Blend tower
Acque Spa Pisa

April 17th to 30th, 2010
The new solution of virtual multi-function counter carried out by Kiosk is presented for Acque SpA during the congress "The future of water"

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9th National forensic fund congress

April 15th to 17th, 2010
Kiosk Classic brings elegance and design during the 9th National congress of forensic insurance and assistance fund congress, at Baveno, Maggiore Lake.

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  Cassa Forense
Milan municipality
The data were presented

February 25th, 2010
Milan Municipality's Councillor for Town Services and Simplification, Mr. Stefano Pillitteri, showed to the press the new "queue – reducer" services and the first results of the "Emoticon" testing at the registry office of Milan (located in Via Larga). An excellent result.

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  Milan municipality
ENPALS opens the new assisted video-counter

January 2010
The new multi-function video-counter system is presented at the central ENPALS seat in Rome. It is a step forward a better dialogue and a better kind of service to citizens.

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The Municipality of Milan
New system of queue management

November 2009
The Municipality of Milan chooses the Kiosk platform to manage the flows at the counters and to measure customer's satisfaction.

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  New system of queue management
26th ANCI congress in Turin October 2009

October 7th to 10th, 2009
Kiosk is at the stand of the Ministry for Public Authority and Innovation fo "Mettiamoci la Faccia" (ie. "Let's get committed and put our face!") project. Kiosk presented the system for Italian municipalities.

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  Kiosk at 26th ANCI congress
First "Mettiamoci la Faccia" (ie. "Let's get committed and put our face!") convention

July 3rd, 2009

Kiosk is in Rome at the 1st "Mettiamoci la faccia" convention. Minister Brunetta opens the congress with a speech about the situation of "Mettiamoci la faccia" project.

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  convention mettiamoci la faccia

May 11th to 14th, 2009
Kiosk is at Public Authority Forum in Rome, ENPALS' stand.
The new solution for counter management built in the digital queue managing system and in the evaluation "Emoticon" system for the "Mettiamoci la Faccia" (ie. "Let's get committed and put our face!") project.

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  sportelli virtuali al forum pa
"METTIAMOCI LA FACCIA" (ie. "Let's get committed and put our face!")

Milan's Municipality too starts with the testing of Minister Brunetta's project. Kiosk, Milan's Municipality's partner, supplied the customer satisfaction survey and voting platform.

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  Milano: tocuh screen emoticon at the municipality
ENPALS THE "METTIAMOCI LA FACCIA " (ie. “Let’s get committed and put our face!”) PROJECT STARTS


The first application of Minister Brunetta’s “Mettiamoci la faccia” project started. It is a completely integrated system with ENPALS’ IT. The system is already working in the offices of Milan and Rome..

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  enpals e totem a tocuhscreen

New interactive desk, a table with touch screen system that revolutionizes the concept of meeting.

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  scrivania interattiva, tavolo con touchscreen

KIOSK creates the new loyalty system on board of MSC Fantasia.

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Kiosk presents the new queue managing system carried out for ENPALS at the Public Authority forum 2008.

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  Enapals al forum pa con le postazioni a touchscreen Kiosk


Interactive experiences on board of MSC Poesia.

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Interactive experiences with Kiosk on board of MSC Orchestra.

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  Totem interattivi a bordo di MSC
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