Sheraton Malpensa chooses Kiosk Targa and Kiosk FIDS

Located in Milan Malpensa airport, Terminal 1, Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel & Conference Centre opened today with the major of Milan, Ms. Letizia Moratti and some SEA Airports delegates.

Sheraton Malpensa Hotel stands out for its peculiar external cover made with high-tech material, for its 14 metres of height and 450 of length on 3 levels, 433 rooms, a cafeteria, restaurants and a 2000 sq. metres conference centre. A breathtaking internal space where design and comfort mirror the elegant spirit of Italian hospitality.

Owing to the dimensions of the business centre (2.200 sq. metres) it was necessary to have modern digital communication systems that could, at the same time, optimize the contents creation and publishing steps through digital signage systems widely spread on the hotel's floors to ensure an easy traceableness of meeting rooms and their calendar/schedule.

The offer
- Kiosk Targa 11
- Kiosk Dynamic Directory
- Kiosk Fids

Kiosk Targa 11 is the doorsign package entirely developed by Kiosk to centrally manage, create and publish media contents on digital signage devices of any resolution and size.

Kiosk Dynamic Directory is Kiosk Targa's package useful to see automatically all scheduled congresses on large displays, thanks to its interfacing with the daily meetings schedule managed by Kiosk Targa.

Kiosk FIDS is the Kiosk solution to interface and visualize the data related to international flights arriving and departing to/from Milan Malpensa airport. Thanks to the real time interfacing with SEA data, Kiosk FIDS gives all the necessary infos to the hotel guests.

To learn more about the event, please visit:

- Sheraton web site
- Kiosk Targa 11
- Kiosk Fids

For commercial information, please call +39 0131 25 03 13


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