Kiosk Hydra and Veritas group: queue management multi-branch platform

Veritas SpA is based in the north-east of Italy (Veneto) and provides energy resources, water
services and disposal for urban areas. It is one of the biggest company in Italy: it is the eighth as far as integrated water services are concerned, and the fifth for environmental ones.
One of Veritas’ main objectives is to give citizens and companies high quality services, and one of the strategies to reach this goal is to manage all of its branches in an effective way, to give its customers a standard of service that is always increasing in quality.

The main request to satisfy was not only to have a system able to speed up queues of waiting
people at Veritas’ counters, but to set a centralized platform in order to manage HR in a few clicks, to respond quickly to queue peaks, to open counters in real time, exactly when it’s needed the most. Moreover Veritas needed a steady, reliable and tested platformto have high level performances.

Veritas was given the ultimate Kiosk HYDRA® ULTRA version, the only multi-branch solution on the market. It is a user-friendly, innovative, reliableand centrally managed platform that improves the quality of customer care service and that manage effectively both queues and human resources. 15 branches were connected to one server, through which the system administrator can manage the queue status in real time.

Thanks to the multimedia touch screen, customers can select the service they're interested into, check whether they have to bring certain documents (thus avoiding useless queues) and, at the end, print their queue number. While waiting they will be informed, thanks to the big wall displays, about the queue status and the latest company info and adv.

The hardware was carefully chosen: Veritas decided to go for steady but elegant products. Both display and Kiosk One totem were installed in every branch to speed up queues and give a better service to citizenship.

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