What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is the new communication technology that is based on network protocol and allows a quick and widespread distribution of contents to big LCD and LED screens and to touch screen, multimedia totems and kiosks (conceived to supply advanced electronic services).

Digital Signage, substitutes traditional paper signs with network of displays, dynamic and interactive ADV, digital posters and boards, digital signage players, dooh totems, digital advertising, video merchandising.

digital signage concessioanri autoLots of Benefits

Low publishing costs of ADV contents, flexibility and speed, widespread distribution together with the chance to get to the right target audience: everything given by digital technology. This is what makes Digital Signage the frontier of a new era of communication.
Kiosk supplies complete Digital Signage systems, networks of public displays and outdoor or indoor digital totems that improve customer experience, strengthen brand awareness, boost communication to your target audience.
Thanks to Kiosk Digital Signage, your message will get to the right people, whenever and wherever you want to. In any case, your message will get right where decisions are made.

digital signage retailA turnkey offer, an interesting price.

Kiosk takes care of clients during all of the steps of the digital signage network:

  • on-the-spot visit, analysis of bindings and planning
  • choice of the most suitable architecture and technology
  • choice and supply of the most suitable systems of visualization
  • network installation and set up
  • passive and interactive systems installation and set up
  • contents creation
  • contents library
  • program schedule publishing and management
  • maintenance and technical support

Kiosk Digital Signage Software

Kiosk suggests these software for digital signage networks



kiosk videowall digital signageIntelligent, emotional, effective solutions

Thanks to Kiosk Digital Signage software, you will be able to:

  • Decrease and knock down printing costs (posters, brochures, etc.)
  • Have a quick publishing of your communication
  • Communicate better and faster thanks to digital technology
  • Entertain, inform, educate, promote
  • Create a more favorable atmosphere to receive your message
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Reach your target audience effectively
  • Broadcast always updated messages
  • Centralize the creation of contents, spreading them just with one click


kiosk digital signageWhy you should choose Kiosk?

Pioneering experience in this specific field
Important projects developed for top global brands
Wide case history in vertical markets
Wide range of products
High design content and high finishing level products
One interlocutor for end-to-end projects
Cost saving for deploy and start-up
Less risks and high rate of success
An excellent 360° service


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