Public displays for successful digital signage

Our preference towards unique solutions on the market, is a point we care about. No matter if it's about showing important info or entertaining contents on the displays, companies offer new ways of getting in touch with their customers in all those places where decision are made, differentiating better their offer, improving the relationship with their clients and increasing sales. Kiosk display can be divided into:

Professional LCD
Ultra-thin bezel LCD

public display per digital signageQuality, quality, quality

All the displays supplied by Kiosk, are suitable both for landscape and for portrait usage. They are guaranteed for the long term and for 24/7 applications.
The products selected by Kiosk have a high level of quality and design and they are conceived right for usage in retail stores, banks, hospitals, hotels and public authority facilities.
Moreover, their high level of brightness and the contrast ratio guarantee a high fidelity reproduction of the image, up to the tiniest detail, even when ambient light is very strong.

display digital signage full hd

Full HD 1080 p

High fidelity images, with a superior detail definition, high level of brightness (from 700 cd/m2) and contrast ratio(3000:1), 178° viewing angle are only some of our basic parameters of the displays we supply: they are perfect to give life to your message, no matter if it's made up of images or dynamic contents. These parametres are what differentiates a professional display from a common one. To have a closer look to quality, call +39 0131.250.313 and schedule a meeting.

High configurability for digital signage networks

Kiosk is able to give you the right solution both if you have to show the same contents on many displays and if it has to be different according to the display.

Easy to control remotely

reti digital  signageThe possibility to control remotely and manage easily a digital signage network, is a fundamental feature. Our software engineers studied and integrated effective solutions to manage the network to ensure a smooth and easy functioning. Thanks to specific tools, we guarantee the monitoring for the most critical hardware parts and this means that we can promptly intervene.

Specific displays for every kind of use

Every time an LCD display breaks down, the digital signage system and its job, stop, loosing productivity. That's why it's very important to rely on a partner that is able to suggest the right product for the right use. Protecting your investment is very important to Kiosk and, as technology goes by, the compatibility with new standards is fundamental.

Digital Signage Networks are perfect for:
Retail stores, Receptions, Museums,Hospitals, Business Centres
Control rooms
Medical centres
Waiting rooms, public access places
Schools and Universities


Choose the right product
kioskremote managmentKiosk's experience gives you the chance to have the right product for your need.

Thanks to the partnership with the best LCD and LED displays manufacturers, Kiosk is able to offer you the most suitable product (both for use and budget) for your need.

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