ipad_standKiosk iPad Stand is our iPad solution, simple and elegant at the same time. It is a floorstand that holds the iPad but that gives you the possibility to rotate it.

Kiosk iPad Stand is perfect for product presentation, stores, hotels, receptions, showrooms and expo/fairs.

Product description
Floorstand with integrated docking for ipad connector and cable. Its frame is in brushed high quality stainless steel, while the top is made of a white matt material. The top is 90 degrees rotatable to allow for either portrait or landscape presentations. Furthermore it has an anti theft lock system to secure the top and iPad to the frame. A sound port is integrated and is comes in two versions: with and without access to iPad “home” button.


  • White matt frame
  • Brushed stainless steel frame
  • Integrated docking (connectors and cables are not included)
  • 0° to 90° degrees rotatable
  • Anti theft device
  • Easy to mount
  • Access to reset button
  • Sound port


  • Further finishings for the top
  • Footboard for car dealers' showrooms
  • Perforated footboard to fix it to the floor

Kiosk iPad stand is perfect for:

  • Fairs and meetings as a device for digital brochures and presentations
  • Customers feedback and visit cards acquisition device
  • Showrooms and exhibitions


For Apple iPad 2 and new iPad3.

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Client: Jaguar
jaguarThe famous car manufacturer
chose Kiosk's ipad
stand for its Visitor Centre
in Castle Vale
(Birmingham) to let
the visitors use its
apps on iPad.