lumen Kiosk Lumen is an integrated system with high performances, everything in a unique design. The atmosphere given by the retro illuminated panel and the features of the 32" touch screen turn Kiosk Lumen into the perfect solution for office/fairs/meeting rooms digital signage applications.

Thanks to Kiosk Lumen, your service and your ADV area will be well recognizable also in the distance.

If you are looking for an interactive touch screen kiosk, that can offer you real time, self-service services and, at the same time, can broadcast highly visible ADV, Kiosk Lumen is the one for you.

The system does not have keyboard or mouse, doesn't show any cable so it has a high level of security and almost no operating costs.

Kiosk Lumen: a perfect all-in-one to draw attention and give services to your customers or visitors.

Kiosk Lumen is perfect for:
  • Virtual reception and visitors welcome system - Kiosk Hall
  • Multimedia Promo Corner
  • Bank transparency consultation point
  • Visitors Register
  • Real Estate/Digital Newspaper/Digital brochures consultation point
  • Wayfinding point - Kiosk Wayfinder 
  • Visitors Guide
  • Booking point
  • Interactive Promo Corner for digital merchandising

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Case Study: Empoli's USL 11 (public medical facility)
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