kiosk nice - totem a touchscreenKiosk Nice is the new interactive multimedia totem by Kiosk that is perfect for dynamic digital signage thanks to its big touch screen. It is a balanced mix of functionality, technology and style.
For those who are looking for something unique, Kiosk Nice is the right product.

Let's have a look at some of its features::
    great design, white finishing
  • full HD portrait display available as 32" / 42" / 46" / 55" / 65" / 70"
  • high brightness and contrast for charming images

Kiosk Nice has a FULL HD display, it is easy to locate and re-locate when needed and it is perfect for Digital Signage applications.

Kiosk Nice is perfect for:
  • Corporate Info point
  • Interactive map - Kiosk Wayfinder 
  • Virtual reception system - Kiosk Hall
  • In-store visual merchandising
  • Info panel for showroom or foyer
  • Digital signage with screen segmentation
  • Electronic ADV panel for digital advertising
  • Digital poster
  • Interactive display for financial-stock exchange facilities

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