nice The new Kiosk Nice 32L is our interactive multimedia totem conceived to give more flexibility to your communication. It is the perfect combination of elegance, functionality and technology. Kiosk Nice 32L offers a superior communication experience, bright images and it is easy to locate if compared to other devices (same display dimension).

Let's take a look at some of its features:
  • ultra-thin design
  • landscape, full HD, 32" display
  • big touch screen
  • +TV option to visualize analog or digital TV channels

Kiosk Nice 32L is the digital system that is always ready to bring your communication everywhere and with the best style ever.
Thanks to the bright 32" display, Kiosk Nice 32L gives all the space you need to visualize info and to grab attention, no matter if it's located in a shopping mall or in a waiting room.
The elegant white finishing, the thin bezel and its HI-FI speakers gives the right appeal to every promotional or entertaining message you want to convey.

Moreover, the big display suites every kind of video-information application, including advanced system of schedule program management, news ticker, video and media contents.

Kiosk Nice 32L is perfect for:
  • Web TV and Corporate TV
  • Digital signage and digital advertising
  • Interactive map - Kiosk Wayfinder 
  • In-store visual merchandising
  • Info Point for hotels, banks, hospitals, other facilities
  • Info panel for showroom or foyer

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