Kiosk one - multimedia kiosk Kiosk One is the result of a careful and essential-driven project. Through the elimination of details, we got Kiosk One, a minimalist multimedia totem.
Slim and thin, Kiosk One has a bright 19" touch screen display.
It is perfect for concept stores, where essentiality and functionality are the main character.

Kiosk One is the first kiosk (floor) in the world that does not have any modules or overhangs to hold the PC. The computer is internally integrated.

Its intelligent design makes it ideal for successful applications.

Kiosk One is definitely what you need to give style to your communication.

Kiosk One is perfect for:
  • Virtual reception system and welcome system for your visitors
  • Queue management system - Kiosk Hydra
  • Directory system
  • Booking point
  • RFid reader with identification system for clients
  • Wayfinding systemt - Kiosk Wayfinder 
  • Info point for Bank Transparency
  • Registration point for visitors
  • Product info point for fairs and receptions

Kiosk Hydra
kiosk hydraThe new queue management system for single or multi - branch facilities.

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Site Kiosk
Site Kiosk The most effective anti-tamper software for your kiosk or totem.

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Case Study: Veritas Group

kiosk creative servicesKiosk Hydra and Kiosk One: two great elements for a reliable management of services and queues.