chiosco totem per applicazioni interattive self-service Kiosk Self is an interactive, multimedia kiosk, elegant and steady, perfect for self-service applications, e-business, e-commerce, e-government.

It has the widest range of accessories: Kiosk Self is a highly configurable, robust and successful kiosk, perfect for those unattended application that have to work 24/7.

The following elements turn Kiosk Self into a unique product:
  • high flexibility of configuration
  • elegant design and finishing
  • easy to manage

Kiosk Self expandability is almost unlimited. The internal volume of the case allows every transaction peripheral to be added. That's why Kiosk Self is a great product; moreover, thanks to the multi-function module on the front side, it is possible to expand its functions through components or peripherals like barcode or magnetic card readers, coin acceptor, printers, document acquisition system and much more.

The elegant closing, the front shockproof protection and the possibility to choose among the most long-lasting peripherals are the features that characterize this perfectly integrated kiosk.

The display brightness, the quality of the touch screen and of the audio speakers allow Kiosk Self to be the right choice for many self-service applications.

Kiosk Self is perfect for:
  • Booking point with ticket print
  • Customer service and customer feedback point - Kiosk Quick Survey
  • Access/consultation point with RFid or magnetic card reader
  • E-commerce or booking point for retail stores application
  • Self-service kiosk for banks, hospitals, public authority
  • Centralized system for video-calls - Kiosk Hall
  • Kiosk for bank transparency consultation - Kiosk Bank Transparency
  • Internet point for hotels, reception and lobbies, meeting facilities - SiteKiosk
  • Touristic info point for indoor or semi-outdoor locations
  • Directory and wayfinding for directional and congress centres, hospitals - Kiosk Wayfinder
  • Indoor multimedia totem for self-service applications for banks, cruises, hotels and retail stores - Kiosk Live Bank
  • Welcome point with videocall service
  • Intranet point
  • Place card system
  • Game point for waiting areas
  • Customer feedback point and coupon printing station
  • Point to send videos, photos, vocal messages and e-mail
  • PhotoKiosk application point

Kiosk QuickSurvey
kiosk hydraA quick and effective solution to survey customer satisfaction and ask questions/opinions.

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Site Kiosk

Site KioskThe most useful software for kiosks, multimedia totems and info point.

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Case study: ENPALS and the new virtual counter
kiosk creative servicesIn ENPALS offices, Rome, the new multi-function video-counter.

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