Classic Grabbing the attention of one's own clients is becoming more and more difficult.
As the market is more and more competitive, it is fundamental to differentiate one's own commercial offers.

Our interactive windows and specific digital signage software like Kiosk Real Estate or Kiosk Travel can boost your business and simplify the issues related to the creation of contents and their updates. This way, you will be able to give your customers the information they need.

Kiosk supplies elegant technogic solutions, with an easy set-up and perfect for different kind of interactive windows: just touch the window and go through the product/services brochure or the most updated offers.

Interactive LCD and film systems.
Our interactive windows can be built both with interactive LCD display and with interactive films and video-projection system: we offer very flexible solutions, that create charming interactive surfaces to grab passer-by's attention.

Interactive windows are perfect for banks, retail stores, real estate agencies, car dealers: wherever you need to communicate your promotions so that you can intervene on your inventories, on your stocks of unsold products or to keep the loyalty level high.

Thanks to Kiosk Interactive Windows you will give your customers the chance to interact with your company and to go through information whenever they want.
Kiosk's solution for Interactive Windows can improve customers' experience and communicate better your business.

If we talk about LCD interactive windows, the applicative features and technology are linked to the kind of display and touch screen. If we use instead a touch screen film on glass or plexiglass, this could be permanent or removable and it does not have a predetermined dimension. It is available also as large dimensioned film (2 mt as 4:3, or 2.5 mt as 16:9), so it is great for appealing applications or for those services where 24/7 is the main value of your information. It is available as matte or semi-transparent and it suits both indoor or outdoor windows.

Interactive Windows are perfect for:

  • Advertising
  • Brand communication
  • 24/24 video merchandising
  • Brand experience

Kiosk Targa '11
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Kiosk Real Estate
kiosk creative servicesPromote and manage your offers on interactive systems.

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Kiosk Creative Services
kiosk creative servicesKiosk creativity and post-production services for a more effective message.

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