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Kiosk imotion HELP

It's the first totem in the world that joins an emergency device and video information

Kiosk imotion HELP is a peculiar product line conceived for digital signage applications with strong social responsibility. The system includes an automatic external defibrillator (AED) that makes the value of this solution socially high.

Digital communication
Big 52" displays broadcast public info, multimedia service communication and news. It shows high quality and socially usefully contents, reaching millions of people also in the most crowded moments.

Emergency point
In case of emergency for a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), you can get access to the inner defibrillator to reanimate the person and stabilize his/her conditions until an ambulance arrives. The integrated defibrillator, the included emergency program and the alarm system give immediate help and guide the rescuer through the video guide for a correct use of the device.

all of us can save a life thanks to Kiosk Imotion HELP and:
  • Knowing how to react in case of emergencies
  • Using an AED system

Some important data about Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • SCA is the first cause of death in the world
  • Every two minutes, 1 US citizen and 2 European ones die because of SCA
  • Everyone can have a SCA and there are no symptoms for it
  • SCA kills in approximately 10 minutes
  • Most of the arrests happen in public places
  • Victim's brain cells start deteriorating 4 minutes after the arrest happens

  • The steady steel and aluminum structure protects the inner components from vandalism
  • Laminated and tempered glass (6mm + 6mm) protects the LCD screen from assaults and direct shocks
  • Anti-graffiti protection - a special finishing let graffiti to be removed without damaging the surface
  • The access to the defibrillator is allowed by a special PIN code only

Works in every weather conditions

  • It works without any difficulties also with the most extreme weather conditions: from - 40°C to +75°C (measured during sun exposure)
  • It works also with 100% humidity, during rain showers too
  • IP65 degree of protection, ie. hermetically closed to be protected from water jets, dust, dirt
  • Smart and silent HVAC (heating, ventilation and cooling) system

Readable even under direct sunlight

  • 700 cd/m2 brightness / 4000:1 contrast ratio for HD ready displays
  • Anti-glare glass with less than 1% reflection
  • Low humidity and constant working temperature guarantee a correct functioning to the LCD display

Special components

IP camera

Thanks to the special IP professional camera, it is possible to avoid, through the central server, demolitions and greater damages.

Public access defibrillator

The semi-automatic public defibrillator is an essential element of this system, useful for emergencies in highly crowded urban areas. The life-saving unit is scientifically proven to be the only efficient medical equipment that can be used in case of sudden cardiac arrest, waiting for an ambulance to arrive. Everybody will be able to reanimate the victim following the audio and video instructions (after having measured ECG and, if needed, electric shock).

PIN pad reader

It is fundamental that the access to the defibrillator is granted only if the rescuer is authorized by a hospital: this procedure is meant to avoid theft or damages to the device. The PIN code is issued by a hospital/authorities to the rescuer.

Double sided display

This digital signage system is available both with single and in double sided LCD display. This allows the simultaneous visualization of the same contents, or of different contents, on the two screens.


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