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Kiosk imotion 32"

Kiosk Imotion 32" is an outdoor totem suitable for digital signage applications, with a bright 32" display.
Thanks to Kiosk Imotion 32" your communication will be attractive in every location.
Squares, stadiums, parks: everywhere you'll need to video-inform and digitally promote. Kiosk Imotion 32" is the entry level totem for dooh applications.

The system was conceived for an easy integration with the different hardware peripherals inside: touch screen, Bluetooth access server, Wi-Fi, IP camera, etc. Everything to have a functional, attractive and easy to use communication.
Thanks to Kiosk Imotion 32" you will really bring your ADV or service info everywhere and with every weather condition: rain, sun, snow, clouds.
Contents are quickly updatable and Kiosk digital signage software turn it into a reliable system with great communicative performances.
Kiosk Imotion 32": the digital advertising you were looking for.

Excellent performances

Works in every weather conditions
  • It works without any difficulties also with the most extreme weather conditions: from - 40°C to +75°C (measured during sun exposure)
  • It works also with 100% humidity, rain showers included
  • Steady structure made with non-oxidazing metals: steel and aluminum
  • IP65 degree of protection, ie. hermetically closed to be protected from water jets, dust, dirt
  • Smart and silent HVAC (heating, ventilation and cooling) system

Readable even under direct sunlight

  • 450 cd/m2 brightness / 3000:1-2500:1 contrast ratio for HD ready displays
  • Anti-glare glass with less than 1% reflection
  • Low humidity and constant working temperature guarantee a correct functioning to the LCD display

    • The steady steel and aluminium structure protects the inner components from vandalism
    • Laminated and tempered glass (6mm + 6mm) protects the LCD screen from assaults and direct shocks
    • Anti-graffiti protection - a special finishing let graffiti to be removed without damaging the surface

Kiosk imotion 32" is perfect for:
  • City info point and touristic guide
  • Commercial signage in parkings or other outdoor areas
  • Interactive map, wayfinding system - Kiosk Wayfinder
  • Electronic LCD panel for DOOH advertising

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