totem outdoor 46-70

Kiosk imotion 46-70" - classy digital out of home.

Kiosk imotion 46"-70"
is our offer for digital out of home without any compromises, available as portrait, high brightness 46"/ 55"/ 65"/ 70" display.
Kiosk imotion 46"-70" is an elegant multimedia totem conceived to work outdoor, in every weather condition and it offers the best working and readability performances. Thanks to its capability of guaranteeing a continuous functioning, it's today the best outdoor totem available for DOOH adv.

Its elegant design and its steady case will give you the possibility to place it in every location or natural/architectural scenario. The high technology inside, guarantees an intensive use in every weather condition.

Kiosk imotion 46"-70" is available with different display's sizes, single or double sided for applications in crowded locations where maximum visibility is required. It is completely conditioned inside and it has a steady anti-vandalism structure. Kiosk imotion 46"-70" is a new concept for outdoor totem, suitable for every kind of digital signage application.

Kiosk imotion 46"-70" is the new interactive adv panel for city areas, cultural and touristic locations, where information has to be guaranteed also in particular moments or in unattended places.

It has a wide touch screen display, its system can be monitored thanks to wireless or broadband technology, while adv messages and news ticker can be easily published and manage with the most suitable digital signage software supplied by Kiosk.

Thanks to Kiosk imotion 46"-70" your communication can really get to the target wherever and whenever you want.

Excellent performances

Works in every weather conditions
  • It works without any difficulties also with the most extreme weather conditions: from - 40°C to +75°C (measured during sun exposure)
  • It works also with 100% humidity, during rain showers too
  • Steady structure made with non-oxidazing metals: steel and aluminum
  • IP65 degree of protection, ie. hermetically closed to be protected from water jets, dust, dirt
  • Smart and silent HVAC (heating, ventilation and cooling) system

Readable even under direct sunlight
  • 1500 cdm2 brightness / 3.500:1 contrast ratio for HD ready or full HD display
  • Anti-glare glass with less than 1% reflection 
  • Low humidity and constant working temperature guarantee a correct functioning to the LCD display

  • The steady steel and aluminum structure protects the inner components from vandalism
  • Laminated and tempered glass (6mm + 6mm) protects the LCD screen from assaults and direct shocks
  • Anti-graffiti protection - a special finishing let graffiti to be removed without damaging the surface

Kiosk imotion 46"-70" is perfect for:
  • City info point and touristic guide
  • Electronic LCD panel for DOOH advertising
  • Hotel booking point
  • Ticket machine and info point for parkings
  • Centralized SOS system
  • Commercial signage
  • Interactive map, wayfinding system - Kiosk Wayfinder


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gallery1 gallery2 gallery3 gallery4 gallery5

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