Effective brand communication

A correct communication is the first impression every company can do and it does not matter whether this company needs to get more awareness or if it needs to strengthen its position on the market. To get a better communication of your image, both in terms of impact and appeal, you can ask us for an aesthetic personalization of the kiosk according to the criteria of your corporate image. If your kiosk is aesthetically coherent with your corporate image, you will be able to strengthen the brand perception and its recognizability. This way, placing the kiosk in stands or crowded places, the brand communication is even more visible and effective thanks to the graphic fitting out. There are several ways to personalize your kiosk. according to the brand and to the application.



Personalization with RAL colors

It is the personalization chosen by several brands, as it guarantees the best, high quality, results. Thanks to a color code you can actually comply to the most demanding visual standards.



Adhesive film customization

An adhesive film customization (permanent or removable) gives more creative freedom to your message. Ideal for custom spots or linked to specific events, such as product launch, or collecting feedback, the solution-film adhesive offers high print quality at an affordable price.
Many companies have already requested this type of service.
Customize your information point. Make it clear and visible on your brand.
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The Kiosk digital media creative service division is ready to help you enhance the communication of your brand, of your services and to support your company with every project concerning digital signage and digital advertising.
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