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fiat ginevra kiosk Today's market offers plenty of products and a high level of competitiveness the experience you get from a product guides the brand's perception and the consumer behaviour. A brand must give something functional and, at the same time, something emotional.

Kiosk works to enhance brand experience analyzing, studying and offering solutions that focus on contact points between brand and client, giving special attention to experience marketing, using both digital and traditional techniques as tools to enhance the brand itself.

In many cases, we created new contact points, allowing the companies to get nearer to their consumers, to talk to tem in the right way, to differentiate from them competitors.

fiat ginevra kioskA unique interlocutor for 360° projects

We are a multi-skilled team with a holistic approach, that integrates quantitative and qualitative research, strategy, design, technology with broadmindedness and no judgements: this way ideas open the way to new chances, to new concepts and new ways to use a product/service/message linked to the brand.

The possibility to work internally with different hardware and software technologies gives us the chance to create prototypes and models, to create graphic drafts that can be translated into functional interactive interfaces. This way we can guarantee our client the qualitative respect of works, both from the functional and from the aesthetic point of view, and the respect of costs and time limits.

Why you should choose Kiosk fiat ginevra kiosk

Kiosk is not only a supplier of multimedia interactive devices, but also a team of professionals in digital branding that, thanks to projects and solutions face today's communication challenges offering new and fascinating proposals that are able to increase brand experiences.
The brand communication projects we have been facing during these years gave to important companies the possibility to:

  • have more brand awareness
  • strengthen the adv campaign
  • have a stronger brand experience
  • become more memorable in their clients' minds
  • bring the brand near to the consumer in a new way.

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Brand Experience

The Kiosk digital media creative service division is ready to help you enhance the communication of your brand, of your services and to support your company with every project concerning digital signage and digital advertising.
Call us at +39 0131 250313 and talk to one of our creative account.

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