The right content, in the right place, at the right time, to the right target audience.

The content is one of the most important element and is often neglected when it is about building the success of a digital signage network.
Pat Hellberg, Nike's Brand Director, says that "Content is King". No doubts about it.Technology levels the way, creates connections and gives the proper tools to make things better and easily than before, but the content does not have to be underestimated if you want to get your return of investment. That is why Kiosk supports small, medium and big companies during informative and promotional ADV content management and planning stages.
Kiosk offers a complete service of media management, giving companies the possibility to focus on their business and to get the best from the opportunities offered by digital signage: doubled retention of the message and brand awareness. As 2/3 of the decisions to buy are made in stores, a good content can really increase sales up to 300%.


2A managed solution

Kiosk is a reliable partner for those companies that want to create a proper digital signage network to improve the communication in their branches, in stores and in all of those contact points with clients where communication, updated, correct and fascinating information support sales force and make them get revenues.


Only one professional supplier

Our team is experienced in motion graphic, brand communication and in all of the software tools that are needed to build large scale digital signage applications. You can trust us and rely on us for the creation or the integration of your digital assets.
Our designers know how to optimize your contents and find a solution that standardizes your communication, according to your corporate identity. The technical competences of digital signage networks about performances and neck of bottles, allow us to plan everything very carefully and guarantee the broadcasting and the visualization of the best possible content.
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4A tailor-designed service

The Kiosk Content Management service has different solutions according to your needs of updating. A wide range of customizable offers and programs to fit retail's bank branches', travel agencies' and public spaces' needs.
As every reality is unique, a cost estimate can vary a lot according to the complexity of a project. Do not hesitate to discuss your ideas with one of our digital signage consultants.

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