We find opportunities and we draw ideas

We want your business to be successful, just like you do.
Innovation strategy is our development activity of new processes, products and services and their placement on the market on the behalf of our client.
It is basically a creative job that we do both for start-ups and for big companies or Public Authority.
To innovate means to change and part of our job is putting together all of our skills in order to define concepts that are aligned with the market, with the goals related to sales and brand of our clients.
Part of the innovation process is the research for opportunities: it does not matter if they are given by companies' internal or external factors.
We start from generating the main idea and we carry it out thanks to deep stages of research and analysis, no matter if your need is a product's redesign, a business innovation or a new brand strategy.


We make things visible

Our approach during the research and planning phase is always headed towards the voice of the consumer: qualitative and quantitative researches help us to identify the opportunity that a product has and the potential connected risks.
Once we identify the opportunities that a product/service has, our strategists define some development paths on the market, analyze the competitors and the skills of the company/client.
As not all of the companies have the skills for a correct prototype building - but doing a pilot test can help making a decision - our innovation strategy service satisfies this need.
Our innovation strategy team supports companies to guarantee that the launch of a product/service is always done according to corporate's programs and objectives.


We listen to the user/consumer/client

Common companies and top business companies are always searching for new ways to create value. As culture and consumptions, technology and design must be perfectly in harmony during the stages of conceiving, prototype realization and development, if you want to create a strong involvement in the brand.
Keeping still does not mean being more stable in today's market: it means to go back. That it why it is fundamental to keep re-thinking about one's own values and about the way consumers consider them.
Today consumers experience a brand at 360°: product, service, environment, interactions, communication and other different contact points. Understanding this and assuring this coherence means to offer enhanced experiences and brands.

We re-design experiences

Design is not only an aesthetic factor. It is a functional element. Thanks to it you can create curiosity and fulfilment. Good design cuddles and delights consumers. Colors, shapes, packaging's materials convey values and emotions that are able to let a product become alive. This is the ability of a brand to differentiate from its competitors.
Our job is to design products, services and processes that are able to improve and satisfy the interaction between brand and consumer, company and client.

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