We design and create digital experiences

This has been our job since the digital way became the main tool to interact and "make things". Many companies are investing millions of euros to make complex operations more and more simple and pleasant to do. This is a very interesting way to differentiate from competitors, this is our job and this is what we love to do.

A good usability can improve a user's level of satisfaction up to 40%. That's why the center of our process is the user and not the system.

We use a user-centered design approach, including user's peculiarities right from the beginning: habits, culture, needs and whatever might be useful to analyze correctly how our interactive touch screen kiosks are used.
The result is the definition of a strategy to carry out useful and usable applications that are a great advantage to our clients: a better usability means that you can decrease support and service costs and that you can keep your clients.

We deal with different technologies and platforms
Kiosk's specialty is user interface design. We do this for touch screen systems, websites, kiosks, mobiles and special applications. Our skills of user interface design include different preliminary evaluations. information architecture, graphic and interaction design, interaction prototype, user interface guideline and software's features.

We explore the strategic role of interaction design in everyday things. While doing this, our team studies human behavior and thinks about the product/service in a holistic way to find the right tone to use in the experience to offer. Our attention is headed towards the right balance between aesthetics, technology and design to reach our client's goals.



  • Business-to-business Websites
  • Consumer Websites
  • E-mail newsletters
  • On line promotions
  • Motion design
  • Kiosks and totems
  • Iphone, iPad

To learn more, call us at +39 0131 250313.

Other Kiosk Services:

Project Management
Content management
Innovation Strategy
Software Engineering
Technical support

Kiosk Rental
Brand design
Creative services
Video production and post production