Kiosk Rentals for successful events.

Renting a multimedia interactive kiosks or totems for a fair is a must have for those who want to have a successful presentation, able to satisfy the expectations of visitors, always demanding and in a hurry, able to identify quickly an interesting company among the others.

Lots of companies did use our devices for marketing campaigns and integrated communication to better reach a given target audience, to promote innovation, to improve their brand awareness, to gather qualified leads. Our multimedia points are elegant and you can easily find a correct location for them; they are the ideal tool for many marketing one-to-one operations.

Kiosk offers a complete rent service: setup, shipment, on site installation, assistance, final pick up.
Thanks to Kiosk you can rent multimedia interactive kiosks and totems, elegant plasma displays that are able not only to be eye-catching but also to convey targeted and fascinating adv or sale messages.

Benefits from the start

Benefits connected to the rent of our multimedia totems:
the visitors will be more attracted by the stand, ie higher chance of success
richer brand experience thanks to the use and the consultation of multimedia product files
the certainty to offer a consultation that is always working thanks to the anti-vandalic characteristic of our kiosks
you can gather qualified and interested leads
costs saving for brochures and flyers
easier and immediate re-use of digital assets
fresh and updated materials, according to the target audience of the day/time

Kiosk offers a range of good condition, latest production kiosks and multimedia totems, endowed of web connection and last generation PC, perfect for fairs, events and high level congresses. Moreover, to guarantee a greater success, Kiosk offers you a multimedia team to help you build your multimedia contents, according to your corporate identity, ideal for the kind of event, optimized for a correct visualization and easy to use on touchscreen kiosks.

Contact us at +39 0131 250313 and discover how we helped important companies to boost their services and promote their products.

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