A correct workflow process is the #1 rule to make our clients satisfied

Doing things well requires an effective, tested and well-grounded procedure. Just in this way you can respect time and costs constraints, follow the strategic directions and reach your goals. During these years we have been facing different project, different both for their origin and for their complexity: at the end, working with a method has always given good results.
Our team is made up of different skills, governed by a precise workflow process that mixes up creative, analytic, scientific and technical thinking and that adapts to brand design, software engineering and information design projects. The kind of client and the nature of the project can vary but the working method stays the same. What changes is the depth of each step, the number of hours and people working on it.


We search for key points
Through a careful market research and a following analysis, interview and brainstorming, we define positioning strategies, we discover opportunities and generate ideas that guide the process of designing and carrying out our solutions.
  We design ideas
In this step we make sketches, draft and concept boards that translate the ideas of the previous step. We try to visualize the future, we explore applicative directions and we define their feasibility. The concept boards become prototypes ready to be tested and modified to reach their goal.
  We make ideas become reality
In this step the real project is carried out. We follow every step of its life until the launch of the product, including its implementation and its production.

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