Solutions for Business Success

Right from the start, Kiosk's attention has always been headed towards the supply of valuable solutions for companies, based on technology's potentials.
We have been giving companies the most innovative tools to communicate, integrating the best technologies able to generate advanced solutions of service; we have been giving companies a cut above thanks to leader branded kiosks and powerful, unique softwares.

The strategic value of Kiosk's services is our ability to analyze and solve complex business issues thanks to the development of dedicated softwares.

Our workflow process of software development

We have a skillful and multidisciplinary team that, following a precise workflow, reaches the given goals respecting timelines and budget:
  • Analysis and research
  • Objectives and planning
  • Design and development
  • Deployment and test
  • Maintenance

Continuous update, attention and use of innovative technologies do the rest of the job. Our team of software development does not focus only on the code or on the momentary requests of the client but, in agreement with the client itself, the team defines and creates the possible solution for today and tomorrow.

Project Management

Our job goes on always keeping in touch with our client because an adequate communication is the basic element to reach the final success of a high quality project.
That is why we work to give our clients all they need to check how things are going, in order to make the right decision at the right moment and go on together towards the goal. We define with our clients:

Meetings and project's kick-off meeting
Regular meetings
Visualization of the project status, on-line and off-line
Project status' report and feedback

Development Team

The core part of our team is made up by:

  • Project manager
  • Software developer
  • Database designer
  • User interface designer
  • Information Architect
  • Content designer

Technical skills

We have been improving our know how during the years developing software solutions for our kiosks. We work with these platforms:
Operative Systems
Microsoft Windows 2008 ®, Microsoft Windows 2003 ®, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows XP, iOS

Microsoft SQL Server ®, MySQL

Programming languages
C/C++, Java, VB.NET, Visual Basic, Objective-C

programming technologies
J2EE (JDBC, JNI, EJB, JMS, Servlets), .NET (ADO.NET, WinForms, Remoting, Reflection), WebServices, Xcode
Micros Fidelio ®
Internet technologies
JSP, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript/VBScript, ColdFusion, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), Internet Server API (ISAPI)
Modeling Language
Visio, Rational Rose


Project Management Tools:
Microsoft Project ®

To learn more about our software engineering team, talk to one of our operator. Call us at +39 0131 250313.

Other Kiosk Services:

Project Management
Content management
Innovation Strategy
Technical support

Kiosk Rental
Brand design
Interaction design and apps
Creative services
Video production and post production