Reliability and safety first, for an always available service.

Kiosk offers a wide range of services that support your company. If you sign an assistance contract with Kiosk, you will give more value to your investment and you will guarantee your device a 24/7 continuous functioning.

You can choose the formula that suits better your kind of business, according to the size of your company and to its staff. As every company is different, Kiosk lets you choose among different problems and kind of faults, starting from the premise that every issue must be quickly diagnosed and solved if you do not want to loose your part of your strategic investment.

Types of Support

Kiosk offers various types of support, to preserve your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) while simplifying operations and repristino times. Our support center provides rapid diagnosis and decisive interventions in a very short time. So our customers can fully devote their resources to address their business and competitiveness.

Help desk
On site support
Remote Management
System monitoring



Kiosk takes care of your investment, your service and your relationship with your customers. Find out more in detail how to ensure the continued operation of our systems. Why the success of a self-service also depends on this.
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Other Kiosk Services:

Project Management
Content management
Innovation Strategy
Software Engineering

Kiosk Rental
Brand design
Interaction design and apps
Creative services
Video production and post production