Innovative technologies that ride the change

Our qualified technicians plan and carry out advanced technology projects that can bring to reality even the most innovative ideas.
During these years the continuous search for innovative products and solutions has given us the chance to improve our competence in different areas, ie the creation of highly specific and advanced applications, from web to desktop, for different systems and platforms. Thanks to our work and to our professionals we are able to find the right solutions that give our clients the possibility to differentiate their offer and to improve the service to their customers.

Independently from the need of our clients (launch of a new product or a new need coming from the market), our hardware and software technicians work together with our creative staff to carry out solutions, from design stage to prototype, to real production.
Our engineers have the right skills for every kind of project, they use a flexible, integrated and user-centered approach.

Once the product has been launched and its production has started - it does not matter if it is about a self-service point, an integrated video communication system or a web portal - we support our clients with dedicated services and maintenance that guarantee a correct and extended functioning of your solution/device.
That is how we work.

Areas of competence


Identification of priority areas of intervention and impacts on processes, workflow definition and evaluation of benefits/impacts. Identification of the technological options to evaluate. Systems of presences surveying (hardware and software to manage presences and for custom-made communication) of easy integration.

User Experience design

The easy usability is always fundamental in our interactive solutions. Nice and easy-to-use interfaces are a basic element in our works and in our strategies of customer caring attitude.

Embedded systems

Analysis, software architecture design and its components, carrying out and debugging, integration and validation for systems Kiosk, Point of Sales (POS) and Thin Client. Prototype making and integration.

Digital signage architectures

Planning and design of digital signage network to spread digital contents (static and moving, LAN, WAN, MAN).

Multi-channel Contact Center

Assessment activity and carrying out of technological and applicative structure to multi-channel manage the relationship with customers (voice, voice over IP, web, email, videocall): integration of external and internal communication activities, management of work process.

Iphone and Mobile

Analysis and development of application for last generation mobile devices: tablet PCs, smartphones.


Development and integration with new generation systems of identification for applications concerning safety.

Video communication systems

Analysis, definition of flows and impacts on processes, prototype and system for supported remote video communication between different persons on the value chain. Supply and set up of video conference systems.

Unified communications and collaboration

Architecture and software integration choice. Organizational and functional areas analysis of the communication processes and development of integrational applications to increase the internal productiveness through the simplification of management. Creation of software tools that allow employees to communicate in a coherent way and in real time thanks to vocal, video and message functions.

Unified Communications - Voice and Telephone
Our approach is the complete supply of systems for the convergence and the integration of all kind of communication. We provide unified communication solutions, presence, telephones, mobility, conference and cooperation, messages.

Integrations of systems

Organizational and functional analysis of business and operational processes headed towards innovation and adjustment of systems endowed with database integration and interface development. Interface and definition of link to different devices thanks to the communication infrastructure. Development of technologies able to guarantee safety and reliability. Development of systems and complex applications based on integration and personalization of different market technologies. Integration with systems like Micros Fidelio®.

Corporate portals

Intranet portals for an optimization of internal communication processes and of workflows with content management systems.

Services and writing / reading applications on magnetic cards.

Applications of management and systems interfacing based on qualified transactions through magnetic cards.

Bluetooth Marketing

Professional devices and software to convey adv messages and multimedia contents directly towards users' mobile devices with advanced reports (proximity marketing).

Other Kiosk Services:

Project Management
Content management
Innovation Strategy
Software Engineering
Technical support

Kiosk Rental
Brand design
Interaction design and apps
Creative services
Video production and post production