Video productions for companies and for your business needs

Kiosk is partner of important realities in Italian video production. We produce high quality videos, corporate videos that help commercial activities and companies to communicate more effectively to their clients, staff and potential clients.

Our contribution is the realization of films that have the right tone and a positive impact on your corporate communication (reception, web, corporate web tv, digital signage network for different applications). The passion for quality and for the best final result for our clients leads us in this field too. Offering a creative and strategic approach for the realization of a video, of its post-production, of a script able to convey correctly a message to get the right result is our strength.
Films can be enriched with interactive experience using "key points" through which you can give the possibility to go into certain issues.

What we can do:

Promotional Videos
Training Videos
Documentary Videos
Interactive Videos

Promotional Videos
Highlight your business
A promotional video is a business tool able to support both marketing activities and sales force's actions. If it is correctly thought and designed, it is a great tool to educate, promote, and boost your sales and the awareness of your products/services. A good promotional video is often the most exhaustive element of communication that is able to increase sales.
Our creative team is able to turn your business proposal into a powerful tool of communication, targeted for your business and message needs.


Different kind of videos

  • Video Testimonial
  • Services description
  • Advertising on digital signage network
  • Promotion and product launch
  • Business in action
  • Product Case Study
  • Product demonstration


Possible uses

  • Tool to support sales
  • Direct mail
  • DVD or website integrated
  • As part of a marketing package
  • In the trade marketing's stand
  • As part of a presentation
  • As content for digital signage networks in shopping malls and retail stores
  • As product demonstration on the website, on a display/totem
  • In stores, on interactive totems
  • For ipods, ipads and mobile devices


  • Increase of the awareness of a product/service/brand
  • Creation of a positive element to remember associated to your business
  • More conversions from lead to client thanks to the contents shown
  • Demonstration of the product in action with voice over (UPS)
  • Show a long production process in few minutes
  • Tutorial, suggestion and use
  • It can substitute missing staff or low qualified operators
  • It creatively promotes your product or service thanks to strong metaphors
  • It involves more, informs in a quicker way and motivates to purchase


Training Video
It educates through teaching and increases sales
Training Videos are very effective tools to educate and inform in a simple and immediate way. If the information is conceived in a correct way for the target audience, the total training costs are reduced, the final target audience learns in a better way, you can carry on your inner staff/potential client training procedures very quickly thanks to the "usage guide" mode.
Thanks to Video Training's libraries, lots of important companies improved the quality and the practice of their staff and, consequently their sales.

Different kind of training videos

  • Communication to internal staff
  • Motivation and training of staff's skills
  • Customer Service
  • Health and safety
  • Product's Training and usage tutorial

  • Web TV, digital signage networks
  • Resource of alignment available online
  • Published as internal communication
  • Used in training sessions or training seminars
  • Inserted in the shipment note of the delivery wrapping



  • Increase of productivity
  • No more waste of time
  • Correct execution of tasks
  • The message concerning the workflow process is clear and coherent
  • It gives a stimulus to discuss
  • It increases efficiency
  • It arises potential problems
  • it improves company's standards
  • it spreads, in a coherent way, important information


Documentary Videos
Witnesses to gain trust
A documentary video is a video with shootings and editings that highlight the moments and the transitions of the different steps of a project. Intercutting shootings and related interviews, you get very strong and clear contents. This kind of video is perfect to inspire and motivate other people, involving and inspiring them.

Different kind of Documentary Videos

  • Project documentary
  • Project evaluation
  • Backstage
  • In-depth collection

  • Videowalls during fairs
  • TV broadcast
  • Web TV
  • Part of a presentation
  • Reception and corporate events



  • Message of honesty and transparency about the project
  • Report of the project's impact
  • Increase of awareness
  • Historic record of the project

Interactive Videos
Rich experiences of consultation
Interactive videos are the answer to the request of the market of new ways to use contents in a rich and personalized way. Thanks to an interactive video you can hierarchize the information shown, offering the user the chance to deepen, using just the touch of a finger, certain themes shown through "key points" or touchpoints located in a correct place.
During these years interactive videos have gained in popularity thanks to the rich experience they offer and they have become a must have for the animated description of technologically advanced products.
Kiosk makes films and videos for totems and ipads.


  • Events and fairs
  • Web TV
  • Retail
  • Viral marketing actions

  • Rich experience for users
  • More memorability
  • Increase of sales
  • Improve your brand experience
  • It takes you near the consumer in a new way

We start analyzing the content, what we have and the target we want to reach.
We define the objectives and we develop the brief for the project. Once we have defined the company values and the target audience's perception, we pass to the planning stage, that is to say to the preparation of the script, of the storyboard, of the location and to the definition of the budget.

Production The shooting begins at this stage.

Post-production. All of the shootings and the films have to be organized, re-worked, edited and re-built to generate the final video. The post-production step includes special effects and transitions too, sound effects and color elaborations.
To learn more and see some of our works, call us at +39 0131 250313.


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