Fids Kiosk FIDS
the new Flight Information Display System
All of the flight information are available
Airports are hubs, not only in terms of passengers and flights, but also in terms of data that must be analyzed and managed on time. Keeping up with a stream of constantly updated data requires an intelligent, powerful and trustworthy system, under many points of view.

If you are looking for a solution that is able to give your passengers and clients all of the information they need for the next flight, Kiosk FIDS is the right choice.

Kiosk FIDS was created by the Kiosk development team. Thanks to the real time interfacing with the data given by SEA, Kiosk FIDS gives all of the standard info about all of the arriving and departing flights.
Kiosk FIDS is a high performance, stand alone solution, able to show all of the departing and arriving flights on big displays, both landscape and portrait formats. The Sheraton Malpensa Hotel - Milan Malpensa is currently using this system.

An updated, precise and well formatted visualization
Our system of timetables' visualization, gathers and shows all the information needed for airport operations, in a clear and fluid way, almost in real time.
This way, passengers have always updated and clear flights information. Kiosk FIDS supports both big single LCD displays and those paired in fluid configuration. It is also possible to activate upon request packages to visualize extra information such us weather forecast and infotainment.
Kiosk FIDS does not have any limits for the number of displays and their configuration. Moreover, as the information shown on the displays are very important, Kiosk is able to customize the solution according to your needs.


  • Quick integration with the existing infrastructure
  • Low operational and installation costs
  • It does not require a dedicated hardware, so the costs are knocked down
  • Intuitive visualization and easy understanding
  • Expandable: it is perfect both for small and for big airports

Kiosk Project management
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Cliente: Sheraton Malpensa adotta KIosk Targa e KIosk FIDS
Prisma impiantiLo Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel & Conference Centre ha adottato Kiosk FIDS per la visualizzazione dei dati relativi ai voli dell'Aeroporto.

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