kiosk hall: soluzione di videocomunicazioneKiosk Hall
The videocall system for unguarded receptions.

A personal welcome is, for sure, the first impression that visitors get of your company.

By the way, many locations, just like for example some Directional Centers, do not have dedicated staff to welcome visitors (maybe because they do not have a real reception).

Kiosk Hall offers you the possibility to search for a corporate operator or to make a phone call simply by lifting up the receiver and selecting his/her name.

Thanks to Kiosk Hall also the biggest directional centers and their workers are finally within reach.

Thanks to the easy to use and straightforward interfaces, the user can get in touch with who/what he is searching for in different ways:
  • you can search for a person or for a company
  • phone call or video call
  • visualization of the data related to the person you searched for (building, floor, room, telephone, etc.)
  • you can be connected to the administrative manager of the directional center

Kiosk Hall is a real receptionist at a definitely reasonable price.

Kiosk Hall is an innovative, interactive, integrated video communication solution, Upon request, you can also have some other operations done like badge reading or check-in: this way the system can also do some security functions, controlling the opening/closing of the entrance door.

Kiosk Hall is easy to manage. Its back office masks give you the possibility to update and modify contacts data and the related info; this way your investment is reliable and flexible for future changes.

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