Kiosk Hydra®: not a simple queue management system

sistema digital signage di gestione code Why Kiosk Hydra®?

Kiosk Hydra® introduces new functions and new ways of managing services and counter activities in the most effective and flexible way.
Kiosk Hydra® can be found in the most important structures of Italian Public Authority, Hospitals, Banks, Collector's offices, boards, and it uses the latest digital signage technology and the .NET platform to offer a complete, centralized management of front and back office activities. This is very useful both for mono-branch and multi-branch offices, and both for mono-service and multi-service structures. Kiosk Hydra® innovates the traditional idea of queue management system.

It satisfies every need

Thanks to this innovative flows managing system, the issues connected to queues are simplified and waiting times are reduced and managed effectively.
It is completely based on digital technology, it directs and sorts users to the right counter, it offers superiors levels of efficiency if compared to traditional "push-button" systems and it positively affects management and rationalization performances as no other system on the market does.
Kiosk Hydra® was planned to guarantee the highest flexibility for functioning, management and customization.

An advanced queue management platform

The queue management solution satisfies the needs of public offices and organizations of any dimensions. It is a modular, flexible and intuitive solution that offers a range of completely integrated functions to simplify and automate the queue and the counter activities management, both in one office and in multi-office companies.

This new Queue Management System was conceived to manage in the best way the relationship with the clients at the counters. It offers a unique management and advanced control console of offices and branches and it makes easy and simplify the publishing of news, infotainment. Its flexibility makes this system a great investment; the smart management of the queue and of the overload of service requests is automatically screened and directed to get the shortest waiting time. The possibility to send messages to big wall or ceiling displays helps to inform customers in waiting rooms and to improve the service offered

Suitable for every market

Kiosk Hydra® is a platform developed to fit the needs (and adaptation) of different structures.
Choose the managing system that suits you most.

customer experience management    
Kiosk Hydra PA ®
Centralized queue management system for multi-branch structures
  Kiosk Hydra Hospital ®
Single-flow queue management system for hospitals
  Kiosk Hydra Lab ®
Single -and double- flow queue management system
Kiosk Hydra Bank ®
Waiting times and counter activities management for banks
  Kiosk Hydra Retail ®
Queue Management System for shops, chemist's shops and shopping malls
  Kiosk Hydra + Emoticon
Queue Management System with customer satisfaction survey
Kiosk Hydra Pharma
Waiting times and counter activities management for pharmaceutical.

Kiosk Project management
kioskremote managmentSkills and know-how to save you time and money.

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Client: Milan municipality uses Kiosk Hydra solution
In order to improve the level of the service supplied to its citizenship, the municipality of Milan chose Kiosk platform to manage flows and counter activities.

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