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The Kiosk solution for Minister Brunetta's project:
"Mettiamoci la faccia".

For Minister Brunetta's project "Mettiamoci la faccia" (Mr. Brunetta is the minister of Public Authority and Innovation vai al sito del governo, "Mettiamoci la faccia" means "Let's get committed and put our face") Kiosk made an own platform that puts the citizen at the center of the evaluation process and that complies to the requirements required, offering to boards/offices that use it important tools of analysis.

Thanks to the Emoticon system, citizens can give their judgement through an interactive interface, pushing on the display the button/face that better identifies his/her degree of satisfaction (green = high, yellow = enough/neutral, red = low). In case of low degree of satisfaction, the system offers to the user the chance to tell the reason of his/her negative voting (waiting, necessity to come back, etc.).

totem e touch pad emoticonKiosk's proposals for the Emoticon project keep in mind the guidelines of the different structures where the device has to operate, the issues that the single locations might have and the existing software structure.
Kiosk developed the Emoticon solution both integrating it together with Kiosk Hydra, and in stand alone version for those who do not need a queue managing system. A complete hardware and software solution, perfectly integrated, quick to install, flexible and perfect to satisfy the different needs of every board/office.
Kiosk Emoticon is also available as web package to measure customer's satisfaction of those service supplied via web.

All of the Kiosk solutions guarantees the right to vote and just one vote related to the service received. As declared by the CNIPA during the first convention that was held in Rome in 2009 the solution with queue managing system is the most reliable if one is thinking about analyzing data.
The Kiosk solution is based on Microsoft® architecture and technology.

The platform made by Kiosk was installed and is working for:
E.N.P.A.L.S. vai al sito Enpals - Milan and Rome branches
Comune di Milano vai al sito Comune di MIlano- Registry office
IPost vai al sito Ipost- Rome branch

Start off with the right foot.
Many important boards are evaluating and understanding the unique features offered by the Kiosk solution, a solution that was developed for E.N.P.A.L.S. vai al sito Enpals, the only among the tester boards that has a rate of voter that is more than 96%.
Start off with the right foot and save money and time.
To learn more about the different kind of hardware devices you can use (totems, desk touchpad, wall devices, queue managing systems, etc.), call one of our operators at +39 0131 250313. To have a closer look at the powerful tools that Kiosk offers, you can book a live demo.

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Client: Milan municipality uses Kiosk Hydra solution
In order to improve the level of the service supplied to its citizenship, the municipality of Milan chose Kiosk platform to manage flows and counter activities.

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