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Kiosk Hydra PA is not only a simple queue management system, but an advanced system to manage counter activities, communication inside branches and queue peaks using the latest tools to measure quality levels.
Kiosk Hydra PA is the solution made by Kiosk to solve the needs of Public Authority users: Town halls, Provinces, Boards, Chambers of Commerce.
Thanks to this innovative flows managing system, the issues connected to queues are simplified and waiting times are reduced and managed effectively.
This system is conceived to manage queues for mono-branch and multi-branch offices, for mono-service and multi-service structures and to direct and sort users to the right counter.
It offers superiors levels of efficiency if compared to traditional "push-button" systems and it positively affects management and rationalization performances as no other system on the market does.


Kiosk Hydra PA is a modular, flexible and intuitive solution that offers a range of fully integrated functions to simplify and automate the management of branches and the services at the counter.
The system Kiosk Hydra 2.02 is a smart solution, able to give an effective welcome in open-to-public offices with simple and pleasant tools, to offer information to citizens and to sort them to the right counter, increasing the effectiveness of communication.

The solution combines some fundamental elements, like:

  • welcome and direct to the services offered by Public Authority using a self-service kiosk with an interactive touchscreen display
  • smartly control and centralized management based on the elaboration of the data gathered
  • multimedia communication on a big display for the queueing citizen
  • robustness and reliability

Kiosk Hydra PA is an application built to allow a quick and customized deployment. The benefit for the administrator is that he/she can use always one web console through which he/she can get access to different branches.

Hardware diagram

Kiosk Hydra Pa is made up of:

  • software to manage and control
  • software for counter operator (point of call)
  • multimedia totem with numbered ticket vending device
  • alphanumeric screen - counter indicator and called number
  • alphanumeric multiline screen - calls recap display
  • optional LCD screen to broadcast ADV besides the called number
  • server

queue network


Multimedia kiosk: ticket + infopoint
The ticket vending machine is Kiosk One Small, a modern and elegant structure, white, easily accessible and suitable also for motory disabled people thanks to its height.
The kiosk can be located in different places and the system is able to manage all of the ticket vending machines in a unified way.

For more details about Kiosk One Small, click here.

Recap Display for ongoing calls
Kiosk Hydra PA is able to manage a lot of big LCD display located in different places and to visualize the progression of numbers and other information, such as multimedia infotainment and news tickers.

Counter display
Thanks to a LED or LCD counter display, it is possible to identify the number of the counter, coupling it with the called number and the service required. The information can be on a single or multiple line.

Points of call
Each operator, through his/her own terminal, will call the user at the counter and, in that moment, the number shown on the display will increase. The application is also able to show other information like how many people are queueing or indicating presence/non presence.

The heart of the software's architecture is installed on a Microsoft server and, through a one and only backoffice the system administrator is able to manage the system configurations (ex. number of counters, kind of services, etc) and the operative data (profiles of users flows, statistics for time unit, etc.).


Kiosk Hydra PA is built up by different packages, each one thought to expand the functions of the platform.
Take a closer look at the value of Kiosk Hydra® platform.
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Getting a better service
The digital totem where you can select the service and have your ticket printed, gives also clear and detailed information to support the user.

Reducing the chance of making a mistake
a more precise information given by the digital totem, helps users to choose the right service, decreasing the chance of making a mistake and of waiting in the wrong queue.

Reducing the sense of uneasiness
Thanks to the queue managing totem, the user can be given useful information before he gets to the counter, such as the documents he needs to bring there or the revenue stamp.


Giving always updated information.
LCD wall displays are real digital notice-boards where you can show in an easy and quick way news, bulletins and whatever you think it is useful.

Having a stable and robust system
The system was installed and tested in important national structures and turned out to be effective and robust.

Flexible and highly customizable system
The system easily suits the needs of the structure and this determines low costs of deployment and management.

Managing in a centralized way
The system allows the administrator to manage the whole structure from a unique console, so he can easily and quickly visualize all the displays/kiosks.


A turnkey offer

As every structure is different, Kiosk supports the client in every step of the project:

  • On-the-spot investigation, building and flows analysis
  • Definition of the kind of messages
  • Definition of the dimensions to use
  • Project and elaboration of the proposals
  • Graphic customization
  • Installation and set up
  • Maintenance
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Client: Milan municipality uses Kiosk Hydra solution
In order to improve the level of the service supplied to its citizenship, the municipality of Milan chose Kiosk platform to manage flows and counter activities.

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