sondaggiWith Kiosk JobFinder everybody can upload the resumé in a database and, at the same time, search among job offers.

Kiosk Job inder is an application planned for interactive kiosks and to make recruiting operations easier.

The intuitive and easy to access interface makes the data upload quick and clear to do. Moreover, if you have a USB drive, you can use to add more a more detailed resumé file to your profile's data.

If you place the kiosk inside a big shopping mall or inside an employment office, the application gets a great value as it can gather lots of data with a small investment and, at the same time, you can give a quick and easy service.


  • Filling up of informative data and photo upload
  • Upload of a resumé already prepared by the user
  • The user can insert and modify data during more than one session
  • Easy and accessible interface
  • It supports touchscreen
  • Safe upload management to secure folders
  • Privacy management: photos and in-depth details can be visible only if the user wants to
  • You can export and use the database with Excel®
  • Back office mask to modify or insert new entries
  • Expandable, flexible and customizable system according to the corporate identity of the recruitment agency

  • Temporary jobs recruitment agencies for
  • Public employment offices
  • Public Relation offices (of cities' municipalities)
  • Hospitals searching for staff
  • Universities

  • The system has a high level of visibility thanks to his design and that means a high percentage of success because a lot of people will use it
  • The kiosk and the application work also offline
  • You can place and move the hardware in different location according to the flow of people: this means that your investment has a high level of exploitation
  • The system can be used also by those who do not have familiarity with computers and internet. Every kind of people can place their announcements and search for a job
  • Decrease of adv costs for the agency visibility
  • Time saving for the agency: all of the contacts are already inserted as digital data

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