Taking part into events is strategically very important for companies that want to get new clients and strengthen the existing portfolio.

By the way, when the fair is over, you can face two kind of problems:

The visit cards you received maybe got lost or maybe got in the wrong pockets;
It can take too much time to insert the names you gathered into the database and the offers/adv you want to send may be sent too late.

Kiosk Lead acquisition is part of the lead acquisition or potential clients list and is an effective marketing tool because it generates useful databases for sales actions.

Kiosk Lead acquisition can be paired to one of our multimedia kiosks and so it becomes a point of gathering and enrollment of potential leads or visitors. The software was developed to gather leads both manually (through touchscreen) and automatically (through business cards reader).

Kiosk Lead acquisition, paired to Kiosk Classic, is the complete solution for events, fairs or open-days, to gather new leads for marketing actions.

  • You can delete every manual operation on paper modules
  • Digital acquisition of data
  • Possibility to export data in a few clicks and to use them, for example, with Excel®
  • Possibility to operate on and offline
  • Possibility to specify which field to acquire (name, surname, title, company, phone number, e-mail and up to 5 multiple choice questions)
  • Intro animation according to your corporate identity
  • Possibility to interface with a card reader

  • No more waste of time to insert the data you gathered
  • No more risk to loose the data
  • No more transcription mistakes
  • Ready digital data
  • You can focus on conversation

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