A new concept of bank counter

The economic crisis and the new market scenario are forcing banks to reorganize themselves in order to reduce costs and optimize human resources.
On one hand we see that counters are being closed, on the other one banks must face a wider competition and clients that expect a more and more customized, quick and professional service.

totem e sistema di videochiamata remota e integrataKiosk Live Bank is the answer to this need. It is a unique and innovative solution: a real bank counter that offers to the client a new way to interact face-to-face with his consultant and that allows the bank to reduce the managing related costs without giving up new selling opportunities and without neglecting its customer care.

Thanks to Kiosk Live Bank the customer can actually interact with a real bank consultant through a real time audio-video talk and send/receive/sign documents.



The platform

Kiosk Live Bank is an innovative Unified Communication solution that is capable of integrating data, audio and video in a sophisticated routing system that offers great potentialities in terms of management, costs reduction and increase in customer care level and selling opportunities. It is a powerful client-server solution that is completely integrated, flexible and unique on the market.

How it works

totem e sistema di videochiamata remota e integrataThanks to a multimedia place, customers can talk to an operator, receive general information or a specialized consultancy, show and receive paper documents,do operations, fill in and sign forms.

The bank consultant, just with his PC and webcam, will be able to give his advice, to consult his own archive/system, to have access to his files and to actually “be” in every branch of the bank.

This way Kiosk Live Bank allows to help during flow peaks of traditional counters and, most of all, can substitute or support completely the traditional activity where you need qualified professionals to sell particular products or services.



A customized solution

kiosk self for bankKiosk Live Bank is completely customizable and it is based on client-server applications.
The solution is presented to customers in two ways: Room Mode and Corner Mode.

Room Mode
The customer enters a dedicated small lounge and while comfortably sit, he can talk to the first bank consultant available. The customer can receive printoutsand documents, sign contracts and send them back in an extremely easy way and having his privacy guaranteed.

Corner Mode
Thanks to a multimedia totem accessorized with all the necessary peripherals, the customer can talk through a webcam and/or receiver to the first available consultant.  


Kiosk Live Bank’s features


    • Visualization on the display both of the receiver and of the caller
    • Forms filling
    • Recognition system and digital acquisition for personal documents (ID, driving license, etc.)
    • Touch screen to select service, so that, once selected, the call can be accepted by the first available operator
    • Multi-operator management

Optional features
    • Interfacing with centralized queue managing system
    • Customer satisfaction data analysis

  • For Banks
    • Reduction of managing costs
    • Reduction of costs and optimization for human resources
    • Better management of flow peaks
    • Higher standards of service
    • Differentiation from competitors
    • Temporary openings of offices in cooperation with other companies or public authority
    • Time and costs saving for traveling expenses
    • Improved relationships with clients
  • For Customers
    • Real time services
    • Availability of the right consultant. No more “come back again”
    • Customized information
    • Professional service in all of the branches

Offer the same great experience to all of your clients
Kiosk has all the hardware tools, software and services needed to offer your bank an end-to-end solution as far as digital signage is concerned. To learn more about the multi-channel solution for your bank, get in touch today with one of our experts. Call us at +39 0131 250313.

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