Making a great first impression is fundamental
chiosco o totem per la trasparenza bancaria
Every company knows very well how this is true. Every contact point between the company and the client must be defined carefully as it contributes to the positive or negative impression that the potential client makes of it.
As a company brand is the total of all the experiences that a client has with that company, a pleasant welcome is one of that experiences.
The fact of having a client that lives a positive experience and, at the same time, communicate correctly company's values and skills are two elements that are becoming more and more important.

Nice2meetU: the new welcome system
Nice2meetU is the Kiosk solution to create and highlight the corporate image to companies' audience: visitors, clients, suppliers.

If you pair it to a big display multimedia totem, Kiosk Nice2meetU becomes the perfect platform to create a pleasant and innovative welcome in your reception, looby or foyer, thanks to its functionality of corporate communication's assets management.

The pairing between Kiosk Nice2meetU and an elegant multimedia totem like Kiosk Nice creates a complete welcome system, perfect to be located in receptions, lounges or public areas.

chiosco Functions
Kiosk Nice2meetU perfectly manage these functions:

  • addressing signs
  • consultation system of information and corporate news
  • welcome system with personalized messages
  • free or intranet-limited web navigation system
  • identification system

Thanks to Kiosk Nice2meetU you can personalize welcome messages for your visitors. The corporate information can be shared with your public, replacing the corporate magazines that were available at the reception.
Thanks to digital technology, you can now give always updated corporate communication, independently from the original format of the assets: flash, mov, texts, photo gallery.

Thanks to Kiosk Nice2meetU you can publish with one click only your digital assets, communicate your brand and broadcast infotainment in your foyer: all of the latest news, weather forecast, product information, messages from the direction, news feed from certified journalistic channels and much more.

The use of well designed and structured layouts makes editing operations easy for everybody.
Moreover the system can be integrated with the company network and give specific messages to your visitors, becoming a useful point to warn about appointments' arrival.

Kiosk Nice2meetU is integrable with Avaya® and Microsoft Exchange, and it belongs to Unified Communication's solutions.

Dynamic Messaging
Kiosk Nice2meetU is the new digital signage solution that supports dynamic messaging, that's to say the possibility to edit and publish messages and multimedia contents on a digital network of devices, taking advantage of the characteristics and the point of strength, typical of modern digital signage systems: always updated (in a few clicks) and nice to see contents.
  Always available service, 24/7
Thanks to Kiosk Nice2meetU your potential clients will judge as inviting a reception without staff. It does not matter if it is a Business center or a hotel's reception: even during the night, your welcome system will always be ready to give informative and directional support.

Touch screen
There is no better way to interact with your clients while they are waiting. Static and dynamic contents can communicate at different accuracy levels.
  Communicating well and saving money
Kiosk Nice2meetU is perfect for corporate and commercial communication inside receptions because it conveys a better image of the company, it decreases printing costs related to magazines, brochures and temporary maps.
Intriguing appeal
Thanks to the digital contribution and the brightness of Kiosk's digital signage devices, your photo or your adv will be perfectly shown on the display. The full HD will make your photo or your commercial films even more beautiful and sharp. With Kiosk Nice2meetU your welcome will become an unforgettable experience.
  Improve your corporate image
Thanks to the support of different digital formats, Kiosk Nice2meetU gives you the chance to spread your communication in a coherent, standardized and centralized way.
The well structured and designed layout and, in case, our creative support, give to your communication the possibility to find a perfect placing and pagination according to your corporate identity. All this means a clear message and an enhanced corporate image.


  • Back office
    • Web console for an easy remote management of the archive, publishing and setup system
    • Definition and creation of hierarchical folders for documents (areas, categories, sub-categories, etc.)
    • Possibility to insert, modify, delete and publish whenever you want messages or assets
    • Possibility to publish photos, texts, films and videoguides
    • Unlimited number of photo galleries
    • Creation of sub-categories and related navigation buttons
    • Creation of a Directory
    • Publishing of corporate newstickers, RSS feed and weather forecast
  • Client
    • Support of touchscreen keyboard
    • Possibility to make researches or to navigate through the touchscreen keyboard
    • Possibility to consult photo albums or sections of contents through menu/progress buttons
    • Possibility to insert one's contacts

Optional features
    • Multi-screen support / differentiated multi totem
    • Double status management, with proximity
    • Bluetooth function to download contents for the stand alone use

  • For customers or visitors
    • Satisfaction for clients thanks to the availability of useful information
    • Possibility to look up into news/available contents during waits
  • For companies
    • Improved relationship with customers thanks to an always available service
    • Stronger promotion of the brand thanks to an improved presentation of the offer
    • No more printing costs for flyers or signals' renewal
    • Optimization of the space: no more sheets of paper stuck on the walls
    • Differentiation from competitors thanks to the offer of advanced services (booking, enrollment)

    • LCD display or totem endowed with touchscreen
    • ADSL or WLAN connection

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