Kiosk Personal Sommelier is a fine expert. It is your personal sommelier, always available and able to tell you everything about your favourite label.

Through barcode reading, Kiosk Personal Sommelier tells you immediately the description of the corresponding wine, its organoleptic characteristics and whatever is necessary to describe the chosen bottle, including serving suggestion, pairing, etc.

  • Shopping malls
  • Wine shops, wine bars


  • It offers detailed and complementary product information
  • It make up for the lack of a salesman or the lack of his/her knowledge
  • It enriches the shopping experience. Thanks to the interactive totem the user gets a quick access to relevant information, with video about serving suggestion, tasting and production places.
  • It promotes and makes cross-selling and up-selling easier: accessories, gastronomy products, etc.
  • More diffused and available service thanks to the possibility of having more multimedia info points that cost less if compared to an investment in HR.
  • Offering a complete self-service info point, Kiosk Personal Sommelier supports your staff

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