box targa Kiosk Targa'11
The powerful doorsign application that turns a network of displays into refined doorsign systems and always updated digital displays.

Kiosk Targa '11 was thought right for hotels, conference and meeting centers and it allows to manage one or more digital boards/displays.
Thanks to Kiosk Targa's publishing tools, the update of informative or promotional internal contents becomes easy and staff members can directly do it.

Kiosk Targa was designed to simplify the daily updating tasks for notices and bill boards. As a consequence, no more costs for printing distribution and pinning up of posters and notices, and no more problems created by last minute changes to timetables and programs, no more time need be lost by guests to find out how, where and when.

img targa Decrease of costs and time for printing, distributing and billposting of posters.
An operator can draw up timetables of events and publish messages in just a few clicks. Visitors and guests, in their turn, will be informed about locations and events.
You can promote your restaurant or fitness center in a very simple way, showing the most effective messages at the most suitable times and in the most strategic areas.



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A centralized platform
Digital signage technology and a web based tool:
two important elements to help the centralized operation and the management of displays. All the functions, from editing to displays control can be carried out on a web browser. With the right authorization it is possible to control your internal network of displays and digital signage totems from anywhere, in order to give an always updated communication.
Kiosk Targa was designed for easy installation, easy usage and easy maintenance.

  Easy from the start
With Kiosk Targa you can create splendid professional standard advertisements in just a few clicks. Thanks to its supply of templates, your staff will turn out to be a competent graphic designer. Just select the most suitable template, change the text or picture and your message is virtually ready to be published all over your network of digital signage totems and LCD screens.
You can make "Happy Hour" announcements, show messages on monitors in lifts or update timetables for meetings. These are just some of the things.

A powerful editing tool
Creating messages with Kiosk Targa is easy and quick:
just choose the font and add the picture or video. Thanks to the layout and re-sizing tools it is possible to adapt photos, pictures, add backgrounds and texts frames to create professional level advertisements.
The alignment management tools make it even quicker.

  img targa
Fast, high quality advertising
With Kiosk Targa you can manage each individual display and choose its content separately. In this way, the possibility of differentiating your messages depending on the location of the screen or the time of day will enhance the efficacy of your communication. Thanks to the powerful management tool you can monitor the content in progress from anywhere on the network and add quickly any announcement you need to transmit.
  Media Assets
img targaWith Kiosk Targa it is possible to import media assets of different formats, Thus perfecting the appearance of your messages. You may choose, upload and add pictures, flash animations and video to your advertisement in the easiest possible way thanks to the alignment guides.
Superior scheduling
One of Kiosk Targa's greatest advantages is the scheduling tool. Thanks to it all your advertisements, can be programmed to start to a schedule.
The scheduling tool will automatically change the display on the monitors when programmed to do so. A really practical and flexible tool.
  img targa
Managing emergencies
In case of emergency, the speed of deployment of helpful information and directions is fundamental.
A well designed digital signage network, with well-located displays in strategic reception and meeting areas, can make the difference.
With Kiosk Targa you can publish a message with the necessary instructions to all, or only some of the monitors, depending on the area affected by the emergency. In case of an out-of-order lift, for example, the display on that floor will show an alternative route. The choice of icons available makes the message even clearer.
  Updating maps and routes
With Kiosk Targa it is possible to make maps of directions or clear and graphically route maps that can be edited and updated in a minute. No need for updating and reprinting of paper notices: instant flexibility, unimaginable until yesterday is now possible.
Managing events and promotions
Thanks to the function of program scheduling you can plan different messages for different times of the day. In this way, apart from messages concerning meetings, you can give your guests messages related to the time of day.
For example, at 6.30 pm a specific display could show the chef's special dish or the restaurant menu for that evening or, in the bar area, the cocktail of the day.
  Dynamic Summary
Thanks to the optional Dynamic Summary package, Kiosk Targa can also have the function of automatically creating a daily meeting timetable.

Thanks to an automatic link to some specific outdoor displays, Kiosk Targa generates a list of meetings which can be seen on a large monitor or touchscreen display totem. In this way you can automatically give your guests and visitors the right information as they enter the reception area. If the display is touchscreen, you can also give a richer consultation experience.
Date, time
Kiosk Targa includes a synchronized clock on the totems and on the digital network displays.
It can also show weather forecasts, updated every three days, on the digital signage totem.
img targa
  RSS feed
With Kiosk Targa you can manage and deploy RSS feeds on the totems, editing them by yourself or uploading them from web news feeds. This way you can provide your clients with up-to-date and relevant information and news.

  • Standard
    • Editing tool to create and page the layout
    • Importation of different media formats (img, texts, flash, mov)
    • Automatic contents update
    • Program visualization or daily room booking
    • Scheduling of daily calendar events with automatic update
    • Management of different or equal contents for the network of displays
    • Different display resolutions are supported, withouth any limits
    • Remote management and remote control
    • Graphic templates to quickly prepare professional announcements
  • Optional packages
    • Dynamic Summary - automatic creation of daily meetings calendar
    • News - newstickers editing or public RSS feed visualization
    • Weather Forecast - updating of custom-made format weather forecasts
    • Alert - alert messages or security communication are automatically sent

    • Hotels
    • Congress centers and auditoriums
    • Hospitals
    • Airports
    • Museums
    • University classrooms
    • Receptions
    • Meeting centers and meeting rooms

    • Always updated and eye-catching communication
    • Easy diffusion of information on doorsign displays or totems
    • Decrease of printing costs and elimination of paper
    • No billposting costs
    • No costs for information updating
    • Quick preparation of announcement and daily programs
    • High quality of informative service to the public, improved experience for the client
    • Decrease of the timings to convey a message thanks to centralized management
    • The changes of the program are immediately ready to be published, saving costs and time
    • Better corporate image

Required hardware

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