kioks for banking bancariaNew management of bank transparency.

Today's scenario wants banks to centralize processes and to decrease costs, including those to comply to bank transparency's laws, ie. printing costs for flyer, posters, etc.

Kiosk offers a complete hardware and software solution that allows you to knock down almost completely all of the costs related to publishing/printing materials to inform clients about the bank's products.

Thanks to interactive totems inside branches, clients can easily select the product they're interested in and print it: a practical solution for clients and a high revenue investment for the bank.

In practice

backoffice for kioskAs the Kiosk Bank Transparency is based on the corporate intranet, gives the possibility to archive the different regulations according to more than one hierarchical criteria, offering a centralized archive system that can be quickly spread by one system administrator all over the territory.


  • Back office
    • Web console for an easy remote management of the system of archive, publishing and branch's set up
    • Definition and creation of hierarchical folders for documents (areas, categories, sub-categories, etc.)
    • Possibility to insert, modify, delete and publish whenever you want the documents related to a service/product (even remotely)
    • Safe management through system administrator
    • Pairing between product and related documents
    • Creation of sub-categories and related navigation buttons
    • Publishing of corporate newstickers or RSS feed
    • Format of the document to be published: .pdf
    • Management of the unpublished chronology: archive with data
    • Optional package: printer status ("paper's over" is notified)
    • Optional package: publishing on big LCD or plasma display of some particular messages
  • Client
    • Intuitive and easy to use user interface, optimized for touchscreen, to look up into regulations and, if needed, print them
    • Customized graphics according to one's own corporate identity
    • Multi-level consultation system according to bank's needs

Benefits for the bank
    • No more shipment costs for brochures or flyers
    • No more printing costs for brochures or flyers and no more disposal of them
    • Centralization of the operations
    • Faster time-to-market of products/services

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