travelHelp your customers to find what they want.

Kiosk Travel is the digital signage solution developed by Kiosk for Travel agencies. Thanks to this powerful system, paired to LCD displays, every travel agency is now able to broadcast attractive presentations  and its portfolio on its own windows with the highest impact.
Kiosk Travel supports touchscreen LCD displays, multimedia totems and interactive pellicle windows. Independently from the technology chosen to make your windows interactive, Kiosk Travel gives you the possibility to publish offers, photos and texts very easily. Thanks to the .NET platform, Kiosk Travel is the perfect system for franchising stores: the rich database of travel offers has a new way to catch its clients, giving them the chance to navigate through offers, photos and details and to make an appointment: they can do everything by themselves and with no time restrictions, just whenever they want.

The system is extremely flexible and has an elegant graphic interface that is able to involve customers in a fascinating interactive experience

Kiosk Travel is a platform built to:

  • make easy and improve the effectiveness of indoor communication
  • increase sales thanks to a more suitable and richer presentation of the available offers
  • improve shopping experience thanks to an always available service (24/7)

It does not matter if you are a small agency or a big tourism franchisee, Kiosk Travel fully complies all of your needs.

Dynamic Messaging
Kiosk Travel is an innovative digital signage solution that supports dynamic messaging, ie the possibility to edit and publish messages and multimedia contents on a digital network, getting the best of the characteristics of the modern digital signage systems.

  A 24/7 available service
With Kiosk Travel your potential clients will be able to look up into your offers according to their needs/wishes, whenever they want during the day/night.


There is no better way to interact 24/7 with your clients. Help them to enter your store and travel choosing among your offers.

  Communicate in a better way and save money
Kiosk Travel is great both for single display windows and for multiple displays ones. It give you the possibility to update your adv in real time, saving money on printing and billposting costs.
Fascinating photos that sell emotions

Thanks to the digital contribution and the brightness of Kiosk’s digital signage devices, your photo gallery will be beautiful. The full HD will make your photo or your commercial films even more beautiful and sharp. With Kiosk Travel it will be easier to convey emotions and wishes.

thanks to the designed graphics, every offer will be perfectly placed and paged, allowing you to offer your clients the best possible visualization.

  Monitoring the efficacy of one's campaigns

Kiosk Travel will give your announcements a higher capacity to grab attention. Moreover you will be able to know whether your adv is effective and, if needed, modify it. Thanks to the report tool that is included, you will be able to evaluate the most favourable days, the most read offers and the most searched categories. This way you will be able to re-direct your portfolio according to these results.

  • Back office
    • Web console for an easy remote management of the archive, publishing and setup system
    • Definition and creation of hierarchical folders for documents (areas, categories, sub-categories, etc.)
    • Possibility to insert, modify, delete and publish whenever you want the inserted offer
    • Possibility to publish photos, texts, films to describe the offer
    • Unlimited number of photo galleries
    • Creation of categories/sub-categories and related navigation buttons
    • Consultation through menu, categories or research fields/keys
    • Possibility to filter the research through pre-set keys
    • Publishing of corporate newstickers, RSS feed and weather forecast
    • Possibility to publish regionally-set offers
    • Reports: most seen offer, etc.
  • CLient
    • Support of touchscreen
    • Possibility to make researches or to navigate through the touchscreen  keyboard
    • Possibility to consult photo gallery with menu

Optional features
    • Multi store management (retail network)
    • Local promotion management
    • The client has the possibility to insert his/her contacts
    • Bluetooth function to download the offer a client is interested in
  • for clients
    • higher level of satisfaction for the client thanks to an always available service
    • Possibility to look up into the offers whenever you want to, ie more attention towards today’s needs/lifestyle
    • Possibility to look up into the offers freely
    • Possibility to download the offer to think about it a little bit more or to discuss about it with one’s own family
  • for the agencya
    • Improvement of the relationship with customers thanks to an always available service
    • Stronger promotion of one’s own brand, thanks to a better presentation of the offer
    • the agency’s offers will be graphically well designed, with nice effects
    • No more printing costs for flyers or advertising
    • Communication of a wider range of offers
    • The offers are quick and can be available on the whole network too
    • Higher impact, higher revenue on your investment
    • Better optimization of the space: no more sheets of paper or hanged posters
    • Differentiation from competitors
    • Possibility to test the level of interest according to the kind of estate
    • Quicker time-to-market of the offers


    • LCD display with the right kind of touchscreen
    • It can be installed on totems like Kiosk Nice or Kiosk Luminum
    • ADSL or WLAN connection
    • Server - according to the configuration/needs: single window, multiple window, multi shop, etc. 


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