Kiosk virtual salesman is your always available virtual shop assistant.

With Kiosk virtual salesman the customer in your store can get answer and precise information about the displayed and non-displayed goods. Kiosk virtual salesman is a real shop assistant able to show products and accessories, to simplify pairings and to support a positive shopping experience right where there could be a lack of staff.

Moreover, thanks to its internal engine, the system is able to help you increasing sales through cross-selling strategies that support your staff.
Kiosk virtual salesman, helps shopping malls and big stores to give one more answer and an improved service to their clients.

Thanks to the wide database of goods, the store can renew stocks in a more cautious way, decrease the obsolescence of goods and, at the same time, work to sell more thanks to the offer of a great range of things.


  • Database of goods
  • Back office masks to update products
  • Advanced functions to search for skus
  • Cross-selling and up-selling strategies for complementary skus
  • Optimization for touchscreen
  • Execution in a safe environment
  • Anti-tampering system
  • Management of consultation's privacy
  • It gathers preferred skus
  • It warns you via email/sms if a product that was not available is available again
  • It works perfectly with a proximity sensor too
  • It controls catwalk films on plasma displays
  • It has the possibility to analyze statistics and reports that contain precious data, like the most interesting displayed sku

  • Thanks to Kiosk virtual salesman clients always find an exhaustive answer to his/her questions, even if there is no staff available
  • Exhaustive and qualified answers
  • Richer shopping experiences thanks to the possibility of showing attractive video contents
  • It makes up for the lack of displayed goods
  • Reduced need of assistance
  • possibility to update the skus' database

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