Kiosk Wayfinder.
The smart path mapper.

Kiosk Wayfinder is a digital and interactive mapping system that gives users information and intuitive paths to reach their destinations.

Through a complex system of mapping, the software is able to show users the ideal path to reach their destination.

It is possible to consult the general map or make AZ or keyword researches.

Its target

Shopping malls, directional centers, hospitals, office and meeting centers, universities, graveyards, airports, public authority buildings, museum and art galleries and multiple location companies. Kiosk Wayfinder shows visitors an animated path to reach their destination.


  • Navigation system with interactive maps, always ready to be consulted
  • Different research options, with an intuitive user interface
  • Animated paths that show how to reach one's destination, both on the same on on more than one floor, even including elevator.
  • More clearness and understanding for the user; locations are easier to be found.
  • All of the maps and the path are facing user
  • It is time saving for the user and "staff saving" for the company
  • Possibility to edit and delete locations thanks to an easy-to-use management web interface.
  • Possibility to make changes and to manage the kiosk remotely wherever an internet connection is available.
  • Modular system that gives the chance to expand locations or the floor of the mapping.

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